Born in 1971 in Milan. His real name was Raffaele Lino. In 1985, at the age of 14, Pietro moved to Como. He attended the Classical Lyceum where he studied philosophy and art history for the first time. From the inherent need to be able to capture moments and sensations and interpret them, in 1985 his interest in photography was born.

In those years Pietro loved experimenting with Polaroid and all the techniques accessible to him. Rarely could he get enough of a result to transmit his message through a photograph. It was much later, in 2003, that Pietro bought his first reflex digital camera and started to experiment with light and colour and discover the world of digital photography.
In the meantime his interest in architecture brought him to live in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt um Main. The city was still in a strong period of change, something clearly visible in his photographs. This period Pietro described as an emotional upheaval, but a necessary life experience. A reflection on fundamental values: what is fundamental, lost, real.

Through Cristina Gilda Artese and the arsprima association he began to officially exhibit his photography both in Italy and in Germany and lastly in Prague.
Pietro passed away prematurely in June 2013, but his photographic work continues to move and be the source of great interest for photography enthusiasts.

In December 2013 the personal exhibition Skylines over me was inaugurated in his honour in Milan which had received the patronage of the City of Milan, the province of Milan, the region of Lombardy, the City of Frankfurt Um Main, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the AEM Group A2A Foundation, the Vittorino Colombo Foundation, not to mention the support of Hines Italia SGR, Ata Hotel Executive and the AEM foundation.
The personal exhibition "Skylines over me" which wrapped up in Milan on January 2014, moved to the warm and welcoming setting of the Granata Braghieri Foundation in Imbersago.
This second phase of the exhibition will be entitled "Looking towards the light" , underlining the labour and attention that the artist put into the light displays, chiaroscuro, shadows and contrasts in his own work.

In 2014, another personal exhibition "The white thought" was inaugurated at Fotografia Europea festival, OFF network in Reggio Emilia. The show was presented by arsprima and curated by Cristina Gilda Artese and Giovanni Cervi.

On July 2014, the exhibition "Lightline - station one" was inaugurated at Idroscalo, in Milan. The photography of the artist is dedicated to the city and the mutations in its shape brought about by the effects of light.


Pietro Broggini: "The world in which we live is like a sea in perpetual chaotic motion, involving but disturbing, populated by indifferent beings, but with some (just a few) islands of stunning beauty. The world today has lost the sense of individuum, as it has relegated the human beings to the background. My photographic work focuses on altering the viewpoint and plays on deception of the eye as a metaphor of the many possible ways we are constantly exposed to. Working on the technique of a photography, abstract, adapted or reflected, I like to create new spaces of a dream-like kind, that become a unique scenario where an imaginary self-referential (sometimes visible) character moves.

I do not particularly believe that things end in themselves, as I always look for a message, a reason, an original emotion, sometimes even where there is not one. My element is definitely air. The function of consciousness that Jung assigns to this element is the act of thinking. In fact I feel more motivated by wanting to conceive and implement new ideas and projects, and by studying things and situations, as an external viewer than having an active role in life. One viewer, however, who is a very-active and attentive observer.

In my work I try to create a single virtual space evidently caused by myself, as if to symbolize that the self cannot be static but ever-changing, and in this mutability it is completed. I am doubly present as spectator-actor. Internal and external, inside and outside are at the same time symbols of a self that understands itself and a self that denies itself in its changes of state. Duality is a topic that fascinates me a lot. I describe my creative path as a path aimed to the self in a self-referential way, making that very act itself a representation of the mutant self. With this, I understand that my work is always the result of analysis on myself, my subconscious, an introspective that allows me to develop knowing myself more and more.

Regarding content of my work, I am always working, trying to follow a very self-referential line, without distractions. How do we all take decisions in our daily life? Sensations related to my present state of significant changes and decisions make me choose topics related to melancholy, fear, mutation. Regarding my style, I try to represent emotional states through a few strong elements following a kind of basic formal minimalism."


2015 - "The white thought", at Fondazione A.Granata F.Braghieri _ IMBERSAGO (LC)
2014 - "Lightline - station one", Milan - by arsprima
2014 - "The white thought", at Fotografia Europea, OFF network, Reggio Emilia - by arsprima
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2013 - "Skylines over me", Milan - by arsprima
2012 - "From different corners", Prague - by Galerie Kritiku
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2011 - "Artists for Freedom - Be the Future Now!", Ludwigshafen - by Christina Seibold
2010 - Exibition in Stilwerk, Dusseldorf - by Troner Art Consulting
2010 - "Fear Project" for Blooom 2010 within the framework of ART.FAIR 21, Cologne - by arsprima
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2009 - "Whaleless", Fotografia Europea 2009, Reggio Emilia - by Res Pira
2008 - "Alone: la solitudine dell'uomo urbano in tutte le sue declinazioni", Milano - by arsprima


2011 - Selected among the Selected Artists at "Premio Ora", Milano
2011 - Selected for the first exhibition for "Artists for Freedom - Be the Future Now!", Ludwigshafen
2010 - Participated to "Artists Wanted - A Year in Review 2010", New York City


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